Welcome to Catch A Love Cheat, which is part of the APS Group.

This website is dedicated to catching cheating partners, whether that falls in the form of a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

We at Catch a Love Cheat have devoted a team of dedicated investigative personnel for this very real and distressing problem.

Catch A Love Cheat personnel are fully trained in this kind of investigation and are acutely aware of the extreme distress to the client when conducting any investigation of this nature, with that in mind it is not only the law but, it is part of our personal and company policy to keep investigative material strictly confidential, with no other parties gaining access to information/evidence without the written consent of the client.

Evidence comes in the form of still images, video recordings, audio and written reports, producing conclusive evidence that your partner is, or is not cheating on you.

Engagement of our company can be by the hour, with a minimum of four hours, or, alternatively by daily or weekly contract, all plus expenses and vat at 20%.

Expenses are, if we have to follow the target into a club, restaurant etc., or the use of taxis, public transport or anything over and above the standard contract.

Please contact us for a free sympathetic and confidential consultation…