There is no way you can tell for sure without investigating but below are a few pointers that may lead to a conclusion that your partner could be cheating.

  • There are suddenly secrets, they start to hide things such as their phone, credit card bills, he or she has a new email address that they seem to be hiding from you, they used to leave their mobile on the chair or table but not anymore, it’s always with them.
  • They are taking much more time grooming themselves because a new love interest is making them more motivated to keep looking good. Have they recently joined a gym where before they had no interest, have they suddenly started buying new underwear?
  • Do they suddenly start talking about things or places they have been recently or have done recently, remember, it is very hard to live a lie without tripping up at some point.
  • They always seem to be working late or they suddenly start to go away on business or to conferences that their bosses say they have to attend.
  • Their libido is non-existent or indeed it is much more than before, the point is, if they are cheating their sex drive will change because they are with someone new, but you must remember, that cheating is not the only cause of a low sex drive as things like stress, illness, or depression could induce a change.
  • They become very moody or argumentative for no apparent reason, perhaps because they have had a bad date with their cheating partner and are taking it out on you.
    It could also be that they are trying to pick an argument with you so they can storm out to spend more time with someone else.
  • There are many more signs to look but anything out of the ordinary should spark a question in your mind.